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      • Pcb fabrication
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    • PCB lay out

      • layers:4
      • thickness:1.6 mm
      • min.hole size:0.25 mm
      • min.width/space:0.1/0.1mm
    • Pcb layout

      • Pcb service
      • Pcb electronics
      • Pcb layout design
      • Online pcb design
    • Telecommunication pcb

      • Layers 2 layers
      • Board Thickness 1.6mm
      • Min. Hole Size 0.25mm
      • Min. Width/Space 0.1/0.1mm
    • Medical Control pcb

      • Layers 4 layers
      • Board Thickness 1.6mm
      • Min. Hole Size 0.25mm
      • Min. Width/Space 0.1/0.1mm
    • PCBA business

      • Capability:4,000 m2
      • employees:200
      • Monthly output:1 million pcs
      • Lead time:7-10 days for sample
    • PCBA processing

      • Smt range:+/-0.03mm
      • Smt tolerance :+/-0.05mm
      • Gauge RR%:+/-0.03mm
      • Max size :L510mm*W460mm
    • PCBA capability

      • Engineering :EQ response time 24 hours
      • Positioning:high-mix/flexible order size
      • Pcb thickness:0.2mm-3.5mm
      • Process:lead,lead free,smt red gum
Pcb manufacturing

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Founded in 2005, Lian Da Jin Electronic Ltd. has spent over 12 years establishing a recognisable status in international market. Having seen major development over recent years, Lian Da Jin Electronic is now one of a major producer of PCBs in China. Designing and manufacturing high-preision double-sided,multilayer (2-20 layers), aluminum-based heavy copper,high frequency,blind & buried PCBs.

Our mission is to deliver totally focused services, resulting in sustainable manufacturing and supply chain partnerships and long term relationships with our clients.

  • Trusted Experience
  • Competitive Price
  • PCB Manufacturer Located in China
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Highly Professionals & technical team
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Full service PCB Manufacturing

We have led the PCB industry for over 10 years, providing some of the most innovative printed circuit board technologies and highest quality standards found in the industry today. You can count on us to cater to your specific needs, from the simplest boards to the most complex designs for small quantity and large scale production.

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PCB Expertise

With so many years PCB industry our experienced professionals have seen it all and know that it takes to get the job done.

high quality

Reliability means every thing to our ous tomers, and we do everything to ensure our PCBs meet the highest oualitv standards

competitive pricing

From sales to engineering,our entire team strives to save you time money AND peace of mind Competitive PCB prices are always standard.

professional management

With strict accordance with International Quality System Standards to regulate the management.

Companies Who Trust Our Services

We are China based PCB and PCBA manufacturer, PCB producer and PCB Supplier offering all kind of PCB electronics product e.g Medical control PCB and Telecom printed circuit board manufacturing of high-end printed circuit board (PCB) with technical research &development of high-density and multi-layer packaging base plate as well as electronic assembly. The company always does every effort to provide the clients with one-roof solution and exercise the synergistic effect along the whole value chain.